Democrats Move To Make Republicans Pay For Not Standing Up To Trump On Syria

Senate Democratic Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will introduce a joint resolution calling on Trump to reverse the withdrawal of US troops from Syria.

Schumer said during a press conference:

There have been so many developments the last few days, one after the other and it shows how bankrupt this president’s decision-making process is. The president is simply derelict in his duty as president. He is making Americans much less safe, he is undoing years of work to curb ISIS. He is making America more susceptible to terrorism by his actions, he may not have intended to do that but that’s just what has happened as a result of his actions. And as New Yorkers, we particularly know the danger of terrorism, because of 9/11. I knew three people who lost their lives. Every New Yorker knows people who were lost and New Yorkers are more aware of terror than anyone else.

So we will be putting on the floor of the Senate and the House – Speaker Pelosi will be putting on the floor of the House – a joint resolution that urges the president to undo his decision to do everything he can to protect the Kurds, to do everything that we must do to prevent ISIS terrorists from escaping. And make sure that Turkey respects existing agreements related to Syria and with the United States.

And we believe we will have strong bipartisan support for these resolutions. In the House already, Congressman Mike McCaul, the Ranking Member on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, is supporting this resolution.


The House and Senate will have the same resolution. I’ve spoken with Speaker Pelosi, and we all know, as we all learned from 9/11, that terrorism can begin in a tiny cell as far as 7,000 miles away, and then metastasize into a domestic attack. We’ve worked so hard and so long to prevent it from happening again. We have sacrificed blood and dollars to make it not happen.

And in one fell swoop, the president undoes too much of what has been accomplished.

The flag of ISIS is again flying in Syria. US troops were fired on by Turkey and forced to withdraw. The Kurds are being forced into a surrender agreement with Assad, Russia, and Turkey. Trump set all of this in motion by refusing to stand with America’s allies. The death and harm that is coming to innocent people are all because of Trump.

Democrats are out to break the Republican silence on Trump. Republicans will have the choice of supporting what Trump has done, or standing up for America’s allies. It is going to be on the record, and those Republicans who stand with Trump will be supporting ethnic cleansing in Northern Syria.