Trump’s Defense Is Bombing Badly With Voters As 59% Disapprove Of His Impeachment Handling

Trump is only hurting himself and the GOP with his handling of impeachment, as 59% of voters disapprove of how he has responded to the impeachment investigation.

Via the new Quinnipiac Poll:
Voters remain split on whether President Trump should be impeached and removed from office, with 46 percent saying he should be impeached and removed and 48 percent saying he should not be impeached and removed. In an October 8 Quinnipiac University poll, 45 percent of voters said that Trump should be impeached and removed, while 49 percent said he should not be impeached and removed.

While voters are split on impeaching and removing the president, a slim majority approve of the impeachment inquiry being conducted by the U.S. House of Representatives, 51 – 45 percent, compared to a 53 – 43 percent approval last week. Today, 51 percent say that the inquiry is a legitimate investigation, while 43 percent say it is a political witch hunt. A stronger majority, 59 percent, disapprove of the way President Trump is responding to the impeachment inquiry, and 32 percent approve of the way he’s responding.

Political polarization is the only thing that is saving Trump from a unified outcry for his impeachment.

The more Trump talks, the more he hurts himself with voters. His attempt to obstruct the impeachment investigation is harming him with 2020 voters. Trump’s approval rating is likely not going to change with impeachment. The president’s approval ratings have been stuck in the same 38%-44% range since he took office. All of the things that this president does are baked into his numbers.

Donald Trump is proving his own guilt, and his defense is only damaging his reelection efforts for 2020.

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