Trump’s Picture Attack On Nancy Pelosi Totally Backfires

Trump responded to reports of his meltdown during a meeting with House Democrats by trying to frame Nancy Pelosi as the one having the meltdown, but it backfired.

Trump tweeted this picture, which doesn’t look like a Pelosi meltdown:

Trump then tried to spin the picture in his usually fumbling and ham-handed manner:

The picture makes Speaker Pelosi look strong and in charge. It is Trump who was slumped back in his chair surrounded by a group of men. Pelosi was the only woman at the table, and she was owning the room. Look at the group of white men on Trump’s side of the table with their heads down or looking away from the Speaker.

Pelosi was such a fan of the picture that she added it to her Twitter profile:

Pelosi changes twitter profile to Trump tweeted image

Speaker Pelosi has no reason to have the meltdown. Trump’s attack was sexist and pathetic.

Trump’s Wednesday outburst confirms that he is the person who is out of control, while steady and smart Nancy Pelosi is running the show.
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