John Bolton Confirms That Trump Is Compromised And Making Policy Decisions For Cash

In a private speech Trump’s former national security adviser, John Bolton said that the president made a foreign policy decision in Turkey based on his own business interests.

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NBC News reported, “Bolton told the gathering of Morgan Stanley’s largest hedge fund clients that he was most frustrated with Trump over his handling of Turkey, people who were present said. Noting the broad bipartisan support in Congress to sanction Turkey after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan purchased a Russian missile defense system, Bolton said Trump’s resistance to the move was unreasonable, four people present for his speech said. Bolton said he believes there is a personal or business relationship dictating Trump’s position on Turkey because none of his advisers are aligned with him on the issue, the people present said.”

Bolton was suggesting that Trump is making foreign policy decisions based on what will make him money. Trump’s refusal to separate himself from his business has left him compromised and mired in conflicts of interest. Trump is getting people killed in Northern Syria because he wants to keep making money in Turkey.

Trump isn’t just making money off of the presidency. He is jeopardizing US national security and making the country less safe so that he can make more money overseas.

Donald Trump is endangering US national security so that he can make money in Turkey.

The president is already being impeached for Ukraine, but if Bolton is correct, there is an even bigger scandal brewing in the White House.

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