Ted Cruz Loses It And Starts Screaming About Spies In The Trump Campaign During Hearing

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) ignored reality and started screaming the false claim that there were spies in the Trump campaign during the Horowitz hearing.

Cruz said:

Who at the Department of Justice — and by the way, several Democrats, interesting seeing Democratic senators wanting to defend this abuse of power. Senator Feinstein said the FBI didn’t play spies in the Trump campaign. Senator Leahy said something similar.

Not spies in the Trump campaign, but reading from page four of the executive summary, your report says that thereafter the crossfire hurricane team used the intrusive techniques including confidential human sources to interact and consensually record multiple conversations with Page and Papadopoulos both before and after they were working for the Trump campaign as well as on one occasion with a high-level Trump campaign official who was not the subject of the investigation.

So they didn’t play spies in the campaign, but they sent spies to the senior levels of the campaign in the middle of the campaign when that was the nominee to the opposing party to the one in power.


Ted Cruz understands that in Trump’s Republican Party lying isn’t enough. One must scream their lies to show the president that they really believe them. It is all a performance for an audience of one in the Oval Office. Cruz is planning to run for president again someday, so he needs to make sure that Trump and his supporters are on board.

Lying comes as easily to Ted Cruz as breathing does to the rest of us, but it is an embarrassment to the nation that Senators like Ted Cruz would rather scream lies than believe facts.

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