As He Tweets More Than 100 Times, Trump Says He’s Having A Busy Day


The president told guests at a White House event that he is having a busy day when all he’s done is tweet.

Trump said, “I had a very busy time and a very busy day, and my daughter said you will be here, so that was the end of that busy day, right? When a daughter says you have to be here, but she’s done such an incredible job. I want to thank Ivanka.”


Trump’s busy day consisted of attacking Greta Thunberg for winning Time Person Of The Year and sending out hundreds of retweets about impeachment. Trump rarely has a busy day as president, because as his leaked private schedule revealed, he rarely does anything. Most of his days in the White House are spent tweeting, watching TV, or talking on the phone to his friends.

Trump doesn’t have busy days as president because he rarely works, and when he does work, for example, on an international trip, he gets grouchy and has to come home early.

Donald Trump’s busy day was tweeting.

Instead of a president, the country has a retweeter in chief.

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