Trump Tried To Get A 4 More Years Chant Going In Michigan And It Totally Died


Trump and his supporters tried to get a four more years chant going at his rally in Michigan, but the crowd was less than excited.

Trump said, “You only have one choice in 2020. You must vote Republican.” The line got a big roar from the crowd, and then a chant of four more years started up, and it was dead in less than ten seconds.



I haven’t heard a four more years chant that was as weak as Trump’s since George H.W. Bush’s reelection campaign in 1992. I suspect that Trump’s chant was even worse that H.W. Bush’s because I don’t remember ever hearing a four more years chant dying in less than ten seconds.

Trump fatigue is real.

Voters across the country appear worn out by this president and his constant neediness.

Trump’s four more years chant wasn’t strong. It was just sad.

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