Trump Is Trying To Whip Up MLK Day Violence In Virginia

Trump issued a tweet on Friday night that was intended to spread fear and whip up violence ahead of a right wing gun protest in Virginia.

Trump tweeted:

Trump is lying. None of the three bills passed by the Virginia Senate take away, or ban ownership of guns, “Three bills that will prohibit firearm possession in public spaces, limit monthly handgun purchases and require background checks for firearm transfers passed the state Senate on Thursday, marking the first of stronger gun-control legislation proposed by the new Democratic majority in the General Assembly.”

The Chairman of the Virginia House Public Safety Committee, Patrick Hope, called out the president’s lies and fearmongering:

Democrats are not trying to take away anybody’s guns, but Trump is trying to create another Charlottesville in Richmond on Monday. Trump knows that white supremacists and right-wing extremists are some of his biggest supporters, and he wants to scare people into believing that he has the power to bring violence to the streets.

Trump is trying to create a violent situation in Virginia and is demonstrating why he is a threat to the public safety of every American.

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