National Archives Apologize For Caving To Trump With Doctored Pics

The National Archives issued an apology and promised that they wouldn’t edit pictures in the future to remove criticism of Trump.

The National Archives faced public backlash after it was reported that they edited out criticism of Trump from pictures of the first Women’s March.


On Saturday afternoon, they apologized on Twitter:


Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) said that America is in deep trouble if the national archivist was editing images to avoid angering Trump:


The apology and promise not to doctor images again too little, too late. The damage to the credibility of the National Archives has been done. It will take time to regain the trust of the public and to undo the consequences of a decision that never should have been made.

An archive must be a presentation of unaltered materials.

The National Archives made a big mistake, and without public pressure, their appeasement of Trump would have gone unchanged.

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