Trump’s Scheme Falls Apart As Barr Caught Meeting With Giuliani


The Ukraine plot did encompass virtually every top person in the Trump administration as William Barr was caught meeting with Rudy Giuliani.

According to CNN:
Attorney General William Barr briefly attended a meeting at the Justice Department last fall between top criminal prosecutors and President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, a department official said Friday.

The meeting reveals a previously undisclosed interaction between two men the President depends on to defend him.


Justice officials have sought to distance the department and Barr from Giuliani since it became clear in recent months that the former New York mayor is the subject of an investigation by Manhattan federal prosecutors.

The DOJ never confirmed that Barr met with Giuliani, as they have been trying to distance the Attorney General from Trump’s toxic personal lawyer. According to Lev Parnas, Barr was on the Ukraine team when it came to trying to force the Ukrainians into an investigation that they could use to smear Joe Biden.

Barr has more contact with Giuliani than was previously disclosed. Trump abused his power by turning the Executive Branch of the federal government into an arm of his illegal operation to rig the presidential election and smear Joe Biden.

William Barr is Trump’s muscle, and his attack on America needs to be stopped.

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