Prince Charles Snubs Mike Pence Handshake At World Holocaust Forum

Prince Charles was greeting leaders at the World Holocaust Forum when he blew past Mike Pence without acknowledging him or shaking his hand.

Pence shook hands with Prince Charles after his speech, but here’s what happened when Charles was done speaking:

The video shows Pence turning to anticipate the handshake, and the Vice President appears to be suppressing a look of surprise as Prince Charles walks past him.

Here is the scene at the event via the White House Pool Report as provided to PoliticusUSA:

Vice President Pence and the Second Lady spoke with Prince Charles for five minutes in the pre-program before they entered the hall, per Katie Waldman.

In a bit of an unusual scene, after the President finished speaking an announcement was made President Putin was entering the hall. No other world leader had their arrival announced. He took a seat in between PM Netanyahu and President Macron, but after some shuffling ended up between the President of Israel and Netanyahu, two seats over from VP Pence.

After President Putin concluded his speech, he shook hands with the President of Israel, Israeli PM and Prince Charles. He started to sit down, then got up to shake hands with VP Pence.

Pence ended up speaking fifth, per Elyse (not forth as previously suggested). Speaker Pelosi clapped throughout Pence’s speech. Pence shook hands with Macron, Prince Charles, President Putin, and PM Netanyahu after he concluded his remarks.

Interestingly the Prince and the Vice President spoke before the event. It is hard to imagine the two having a dispute at the World Holocaust Forum, but the snub is a subtle non-verbal sign of what the world thinks of Trump and Pence.

Pence is surrounded by world leaders and it is as if he doesn’t exist.

Instead of America being respected around the world, Trump and Pence have made the country so irrelevant that Prince Charles walked by Mike Pence without noticing him.

The moment captured on video is a microcosm of Trump’s weakening of America.

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