Trump Swears Revenge On House Democrats For Impeaching Him

Impeachment is the wound that won’t heal for Trump, so he is personally trying to get revenge against Pelosi by winning back the House.

Axios reported:

– Trump has indicated to aides that he is committed to winning back the House this year, a senior administration official tells Axios — largely because McCarthy has told him it’s possible.

– A second administration official said Trump wants revenge on Democrats for putting him through “months of hell” with impeachment and a flurry of investigations.


Even prominent Republicans privately concede that their chances of actually regaining the majority are slim. Also, Trump has an aversion to small arenas and likes to leave the retail politics to Vice President Mike Pence and other surrogates, like Kellyanne Conway and Donald Trump Jr.

If Trump is counting on Kevin McCarthy to give him accurate information, he is in for a major disappointment. The reality of the situation is that Republicans have been hit by a wave of incumbent mass retirements, poor candidate recruiting, and terrible fundraising. The redrawn district map in North Carolina should net Democrats an additional three House seats alone.

Republicans would be lucky to pick up a few House seats in 2020. The situation is so dire that many Republican donors have already written off the House, and are putting their money into saving the Senate.

Republicans on the ground have been trying to warn Trump that a 2020 disaster is coming, but instead, he is wasting his time on a silly revenge fantasy that has little chance of happening.

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