Trump Supporting House Candidate Suspends Campaign After Heroin Overdose

Chris Taylor, a veteran who was running for the House on a platform of finishing the wall and supporting Trump, suspended his campaign after he ODed on heroin.

The Arizona Republic reported that Taylor said:
Today, I have suspended my campaign for the US House of Representatives and am seeking treatment for substance abuse disorder. I will fully cooperate with local authorities on any matters arising from my recent relapse and overdose.

I’m not going to hide from this. I’m not ashamed of what happened. I wish to sincerely apologize to the amazing people who have supported me. I don’t know what went wrong. I recently relapsed after having so many solid years in sobriety. I have to figure out where I went wrong.

Taylor is reported to have been battling opioid addiction for years. His overdose is a reminder that drug addiction doesn’t recognize political parties, race, or gender. Anyone can become addicted, and addiction can return at any time.

Republicans have struggled to recruit quality House candidates. On paper, Taylor has a bio that looks appealing, but he is a living reminder that the opioid crisis that Trump claims to have defeated is still raging across the country.

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