Mitch McConnell Lies And Claims Senate Democrats Co-Wrote His Stimulus Bill

Majority Leader McConnell broke off bipartisan negotiation and wrote his coronavirus stimulus bill himself, but that hasn’t stopped him from lying about Democrats.

McConnell said on the Senate floor, “But yesterday when the time came to vote on these urgent measures, our democratic leagues chose to block it. So, why are the American people still waiting? It’s a good question to ask. I hear the markets are not doing well today. They’d like to ask the question of us, “Why not move?” Why are Democrats filibustering the bipartisan bill they helped write? An appropriate question to ask this morning as the country waits on us.”


According to Sen. Brian Schatz (D-HI), McConnell’s story is not how any of this went down:

The McConnell bill contains a $500 billion secret slush fund that Trump controls and can give to any company that he wants, including his own, with no strings attached.

Mitch McConnell thinks that he is putting pressure on Democrats with these lies, but all he has accomplished is exposing that Republicans will always put the wealthy and corporations first.

They are even using a deadly epidemic to make the rich richer, while Americans are sick and dying.