Amid Crisis, Secret Service Signs Contract to Rent $45,000 Worth of Golf Carts

The Secret Service has signed off on a $45,000 contract to rent a fleet of golf carts in Sterling, Virginia, where President Donald Trump owns a golf course. According to federal contracting data, the agency said they were necessary to protect a “dignitary” in the town.

The Secret Service “paid a West Virginia-registered company, Capitol Golf Cars and Utility Vehicles, to rent 30 carts until the end of September,” The Washington Post reported. The agency sought bids from two other companies before choosing Capitol, a West Virginia-based company founded in October. American Bridge, a super PAC that supports Democrats. identified the federal contract.

The Secret Service characterized the purchase as an “emergency order,” which Secret Service spokeswoman Cathy Milhoan said is not a security emergency.

“Rather, the term was used to signal a need for expedited handling of the procurement due to deadlines within the agency’s business processes,” she said in a statement.

Neither the president nor the White House could be reached for comment. Although Trump has not played golf since March 8, he has played golf on more than 350 days of his presidency.