Trump Blows A Gasket And Praises Himself For Doing A Good Job On The Virus

Trump claimed on Tuesday that he did a good job on the coronavirus with nearly 100,000 dead, almost 2 million sick, and the economy in tatters.

Trump took a break from accusing Joe Scarborough of murder long enough to tweet:

Trump is comparing doing absolutely nothing, with doing what he did which was virtually nothing. Trump didn’t issue a national stay at home order. He didn’t shut down the entire country, as many other nations did as soon as they had cases detected. There remains a PPE shortage for first responders.

The reason why the curve flattened is that governors took the lead and did all of the work that Trump is now trying to take credit for. Donald Trump is the reason why the US leads the world in coronavirus cases and deaths.

Trump did a terrible job. He can’t tweet away the numbers. Hundreds of thousands will soon be dead, and the economy is bordering on depression because Donald Trump’s coronavirus response was a failure.