Trump: “Law Enforcement Eventually Will” Catch Up with Joe Scarborough Over Baseless Murder Conspiracy


President Donald Trump continues to share a conspiracy theory that former Congressman and “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough murdered a former staffer.

Earlier this morning, the president suggested that law enforcement “eventually will” catch up with Scarborough.

“The opening of a Cold Case against Psycho Joe Scarborough was not a Donald Trump original thought, this has been going on for years, long before I joined the chorus,” he wrote, suggesting that the thought had crossed his mind even during the 2016 election cycle.


“So many unanswered & obvious questions, but I won’t bring them up now! Law enforcement eventually will?” he added.

Trump referred to the death of 28-year-old Lori Klausutis, a former intern of Scarborough’s who was found dead in Scarborough’s Fort Walton Beach office in Florida when he was a congressman. Her death was not considered suspicious, and medical examiners concluded she died from a head injury after a fall, passing out because of an undiagnosed heart condition.

The president’s comments come after Timothy Klausutis, the husband of Lori Klausutis, asked Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to remove Trump’s tweets accusing Scarborough of murder.

“The President’s tweet that suggests that Lori was murdered without evidence (and contrary to the official autopsy) — is a violation of Twitter’s community rules and terms of service,” Timothy Klausutis wrote. “An ordinary user like me would be banished from the platform for such a tweet but I am only asking that these tweets be removed. I am now angry as well as frustrated and grieved. I understand that Twitter’s policies about content are designed to maintain the appearance that your hands are clean you provide the platform and the rest is up to users. However, in certain past cases, Twitter has removed content and accounts that are inconsistent with your terms of service.”