Trump’s Mail Voting Attack Massively Backfires On Him In Pennsylvania

Democrats outnumber Republicans by nearly 1 million approved mail-in ballots as Trump’s attack on voting by mail has backfired in Pennsylvania.

Via The Philadelphia Inquirer:

As of Thursday morning, about 1.3 million registered Democrats had requested and been approved for mail ballots for the June 2 primary election, compared with about 524,000 Republicans. Republicans made just 29% of the requests, even though they represent 38% of registered voters in the state and 45% of those registered with either major party.


“Our county kind of is a Trump county. We’re kind of listening to Trump on this,” Snover said. “He’s spoken about it. He’s tweeted about it. He doesn’t want us to do it.”

Snover said “more than one person” has told her that “Trump doesn’t want us mailing in, [so] I’m not mailing it in.”

While Trump has been trying to discredit mail voting, Democrats have been organizing the state and getting ballots in the hands of millions of Pennsylvanians.

The situation in Pennsylvania is precisely what experts on both sides of the aisle have been predicting Trump’s efforts are hurting Republicans. Pennsylvania Republicans have been trying to organize mail-in voting, but they have been cut off at the knees by Trump’s rhetoric.

Trump is only harming himself and his party by attacking the safety and credibility of voting by mail. Trump wants to give himself an excuse and delegitimize Biden, but he has created a self-fulfilling prophecy that could hand Joe Biden Pennsylvania and the presidency with his attacks on mail voting.

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