Here’s A Warning Sign That Trump Is In Big Trouble In Pennsylvania

There are warning signs growing that Trump is in big trouble in Pennsylvania in 2020.

Trump Makes A Fool Of Himself By Claiming Biden Deserted Pennsylvania

Trump first tried to falsely claim that Biden wasn't from Pennsylvania, then he claimed added that Biden deserted the state.

Joe Biden Has Trump Terrified And Reeling In Pennsylvania

Trump is so terrified and afraid of Joe Biden winning Pennsylvania that he is overseeing his reelection campaign in the state.

Pennsylvania Republicans Call Polls Fake As Blue Wave Comes To Drown Them

A blue wave is about sweep through Pennsylvania, but the state's Republican Party is calling the polls fake and refusing to admit that Democrats are coming for them.

Pennsylvania Republicans Say They Will Defy Supreme Court Ruling in Gerrymandering Case

Republicans Pennsylvania House Speaker Michael Turzai and Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati said the Pennsylvania Supreme Court had “handicapped” Alito by “failing to provide a full opinion to accompany its order to redraw the state’s congressional map.”

GOP Sen. Pat Toomey’s Office Flooded with Complaints of Being Unavailable to Constituents

Constituents reported being unable to even leave a message with Senator Toomey's offices for two weeks.

Trump Ditches Teleprompter, Calls Supporters ‘Wild Beasts’ At Latest Post-Election Rally

Trump Hershey

"Before the election, you people are like wild beasts, wild animals," Trump said of his supporters.

The New White Voters That Trump Was Counting On Are Supporting Hillary Clinton

New polling shows that newly registered and voters who sat out the 2012 election are breaking strongly for Hillary Clinton in North Carolina, Florida, and Pennsylvania.

Trump Just Admitted That If He Doesn’t Win Pennsylvania, He Will Lose The Election

Trump in Erie, PA

Donald Trump admitted to an audience in Erie, PA that he needs to win Pennsylvania, or he will lose the presidential election.

Donald Trump Continues To Implode Before Our Eyes As He Calls Hillary Clinton ‘The Devil’

Donald Trump Pennsylvania Rally

Though it's become difficult to be shocked by anything Trump says, his harsh and disgusting attack on Clinton was still surprising.

Poll: Hillary Clinton Way Ahead Of GOP Opponents In Key Swing States

Hillary Clinton has large leads over the field of GOP contenders in three key swing states.

Democratic Senator Bob Casey Wants To Restore The Voting Rights Act

On Friday, Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) held a news conference where he called on his colleagues to restore the gutted portions of the Voting Rights Act.

America, Our Children Are Being Punished for Excluding God from Pledge of Allegiance

One student was told that failing to stand is disrespectful to members of the U.S. military; another was told the law required him to stand

Republican Congressman Tells Right-Wing Radio Host That House Has Votes To Impeach Obama

Here we go again. During an interview with local Pennsylvania radio host Gary Sutton, Rep. Lou Barletta (R-PA) commented that House Republicans most likely have enough votes to impeach President Obama.

Stick A Fork In Republican Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett, He’s Done

A PPP survey released today shows that Republican Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett is doomed in his bid for re-election.

Obamacare Delivers Knockout Blow To GOP As Majority Of States Have Expanded Medicaid

The further we go along into the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and more people see what it offers them, the less likely the GOP is going to be able to do anything about the law and will have to accept it.

The Religious Right Attempts to Circumvent the Constitution By Claiming Academic Freedom

The latest attempt by the religious right to circumvent the Constitution involves claiming that prohibiting teachers from teaching the bible as science infringes on their academic freedom.

Republican Hunger Mongers Are Starving People To Give Corporations Welfare

Republicans certainly find revenue to fund billions of dollars for oil subsidies and agricultural corporations but they claim they do not have the money to stop cuts to Meals on Wheels

Can Government Pick Up Where Unions Left Off?

With union power waning, governments are implementing workers' rights. It's time to build a national movement built on grassroots efforts.