Here’s A Warning Sign That Trump Is In Big Trouble In Pennsylvania


There are warning signs growing that Trump is in big trouble in Pennsylvania in 2020.



Former steelworker John Golomb said, “We had Donald Trump come here and profess about reviving American steel, That’s just what all of us steelworkers wanted to hear! When he was elected, he pulled a Houdini on us. He disappeared.”

Trump managed to con just enough Pennsylvania Democrats combined with the lower turnout for Hillary Clinton in the state to squeak out a win, but the president hasn’t even tried to keep his promises to the people of Western Pennsylvania, who knew that he was lying when he promised to bring back coal and steel, but they went along with it because they thought that they had nothing else to lose and at least Trump saw them, but Trump didn’t see them. He never cared about them.

These people are still waiting for their good times to come, and for Trump to deliver on the promises that he made.

Donald Trump’s 2016 win in Pennsylvania has looked like a fluke for years. While no Democratic presidential candidate will be able to turn the reddest parts of Western PA blue in a single cycle, if Democratic performance improves by 10% in Western Pennsylvania, it will be enough for the Democratic nominee to win the state, and send the Trumps back to Trump Tower.

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