Trump Threatens Violence Against US Citizens Who Protest Him

Trump threatened protesters at the White House with violence for using their First Amendment free speech right to protest against the government.

Trump tweeted:

The last time I checked the Constitution there was no provision for a president a unleashing violence against the American people for being “frisky,” or “out of line.”

The imagary of threatening African-American people with vicious dogs is straight out of the Jim Crow era and civil rights movement. The racial conontations impossible to miss.

Trump also claimed the protesters were professional organizers:

Trump ran away from his own press conference without taking questions on Friday, but is declaring war on the American people from Twitter.

Donald Trump is threatening the American people with violence for protesting their own government on property that they own. The White House does not belong to the President. It belongs to the American people, as Trump has gone beyond race baiting, and into an assault on the constitutional rights of every citizen.