Opinion: Trump is intent on killing more Americans to feed his malignant narcissism

Over 100,000 American citizens have needlessly perished due to Trump’s malignant narcissism, but it is apparent that Trump will not be happy until he increases the death toll – particularly among his most ardent supporters.

There aren’t very many people who would argue that Donald Trump is not a malignant narcissist. He thrives on antisocial behavior, he is paranoid, and he has a decidedly sadistic personality. He also craves constant praise and attention his acolytes willingly offer at any and every possible opportunity.  White House insiders have noted his increasing rage at not being able to hold campaign rallies that provide him with every opportunity to display his malignant narcissistic tendencies to wild applause and adulation.

Last week when Trump threatened to move the Republican National Convention to a state without COVID-19 restrictions to prevent the spread of the virus, it was obvious his anger at the concept of a smaller crowd of worshippers drove him into a rage.  A decent human being would be mortified at the thought of their supporters being put in harm’s way, but there are very few Americans who would regard Trump as a decent human being. He is a monstrous narcissist without any humanity whatsoever.

On Saturday it was reported that Trump had a phone conversation with North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper (D) to “discuss” the upcoming August Republican National Convention in Charlotte. In typical Trump fashion the “discussion” centered around Trump’s demand for “a packed Republican convention with no face coverings and no social distancing.” Apparently Trump believes that Americans are so stupid, and memory challenged, that if they see a packed convention sans COVID-19 mitigation efforts they will assume the novel coronavirus is nonexistent.

According to a spokesperson for Governor Cooper, Trump insists there will be no Covid-19 mitigation measures because of the optics. Trump refuses, and will not tolerate seeing, any signs of the pandemic among his acolytes – particularly because the event will be televised. Apparently Trump believes that if no-one is seen taking precautionary measures, they will conclude that there is no COVID-19.

Obvious to any conscious human being is the real and present danger of thousands of screaming, spitting Trump sycophants transmitting Trump’s plague throughout the venue. It is also glaringly apparent that Trump could not possibly care less if his devotees are infected and eventually die; so long as they stay healthy long enough to give Trump a heaping healthy dose of adulation. Trump’s disregard for his most ardent supporters’ health is, by now, just another sign that his level of narcissism is malignant.

Trump has as little regard for the health of Republicans crammed into a convention center as he has his most devoted supporters in the evangelical movement. Last week when Trump ordered governors to immediately rescind restrictions for in-person church services, he was not thinking about the spread of the virus, religious liberty, or the unimaginable number of fatalities among his base. His only regard was pacifying the evangelical clergy’s greed and their promise to campaign for Trump from the pulpit. It is tragic that “the faithful” are so devoted to keeping Trump in the White House that they are more than willing to suffer the consequences of a deadly virus to aid Trump’s reelection.

It is noteworthy that Trump’s order to open the churches immediately will only apply to states with Republican leaders because the conservative Supreme Court duly slapped down an effort by California evangelicals to declare Governor Gavin Newsom’s Covid-19 mitigation efforts unconstitutional, and an assault on their 1st Amendment religious freedom. Still, with Trump’s encouragement, and despite the High Court ruing, several California churches plan to hold in-person services – the law and the risk of spreading the novel coronavirus be damned.

Although school age children are not Trump supporters, his directive to states to open up schools will jeopardize roughly 50.8 million students as well as teachers, cafeteria workers, janitors, and all support staff. Schools are no more set up to safely conduct classes during a virulent epidemic than churches are, but the safety of students is of no concern to Trump.

To get an idea of the number of students that could lose their lives for Trump’s optics, when celebrity grifter Dr. Oz suggested that opening schools was an “appetizing opportunity,” he then said that “opening of schools may only cost us 2 to 3 percent in terms of mortality –  a tradeoff some folks would consider.”  Two to three percent of public school students translates into 1 to 1.5 million fatalities; and that is only the number of possible student fatalities. As the grifter noted, it is a trade off that some cretin named Donald Trump would consider acceptable.

There is little doubt, at least in this author’s mind, that Trump can accept any large number of American fatalities – whether from toxic air and water, a virulent plague, or police killing American citizens. Trump’s threat to unleash “vicious dogs” and “ominous weapons” on protestors is clear that killing Americans is of no consequence to Trump.

What is still a mystery is why Trump’s supporters are willing to risk their lives for a malignant narcissist who is eager to sacrifice them to maintain power and feed his ego. Based on his cavalier attitude towards the loss of over 100,000 American lives, no sane individual should be surprised he is willing to jeopardize the lives of his most ardent supporters to win an election; it is precisely what a monstrous malignant narcissist will do, and Trump is nothing if not monstrous.