Trump Refuses To Hear The Number Of Coronavirus Deaths

The United States has a president in the middle of a pandemic who refuses to hear or talk about the virus death toll.

According to The Washington Post:

On Wednesday — the day the U.S. death toll surpassed 100,000 — Trump veered from disregarding the pleas of a widower to again unleash a barrage of dark innuendo about Scarborough and threatened to shut down Twitter. He flew with his family to Florida to witness a space shuttle launch, only for it to be scrubbed 17 minutes before liftoff due to stormy skies. Night fell without the president acknowledging the number of dead, other than a statement in the name of deputy White House press secretary Judd Deere saying that Trump was grieving.

“He didn’t want to talk about the number. He just didn’t want to hear the number,” said another longtime Trump confidant. “You know how presidents usually don’t go to space launches because there is such a risk of something going wrong? Well, he took the risk. Anything was better than talking about that number.”

Trump doesn’t want to talk about the number of dead from the pandemic, but he is going to hear about every single day of the presidential campaign. The coronavirus is not going away. The pandemic is going to be a part, likely a big part of the presidential election.

Donald Trump is on a collision course with reality. A man who has spent his adult life making myths about himself and weaving a fantasy is about to tell voters a story that has no basis on the reality in which they are living.

A president can’t begin to govern in a crisis if he or she won’t hear the facts.

Trump is losing to Biden because Americans need something that he can never be. The nation needs a reality-based president, not a reality TV star.

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