Trump Wanted A Photo Op Of Protesters Being Gassed

The Trump White House intentionally gassed protesters because they wanted a photo op that they thought would make him look strong.

Jonathan Lemire said on MSNBC:

What we saw yesterday was an attempt at a display of strength, of American might, or at least his perception of American might, to turn federal forces on American citizens who at the time at Lafayette park were protesting peacefully, but the president and the team they wanted that photo-op. They wanted two photo-ops.

They wanted the awkward one in front of the church holding the Bible, that’s a notion of a reclaiming territory outside the white house, a nod to his evangelical supporters. But his advisers told me today, they also wanted the photo-op of the park being cleared, they wanted to send the message this president is tough on that and that’s how they want the governors and mayors to handle their own protest.


Trump wanted the protesters to be gassed on television in front of the press. It wasn’t a bad decision or mistake in strategy. It was the strategy. Trump is obsessed with looking strong, even though every action he takes against these protesters makes him look scared and weak to the vast majority of Americans.

Donald Trump has consistently misread the country, but rarely has his poor perceptions of what the United States really is been put on such vivid display as when he staged a photo op of protesters being gassed.

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