Sen. Kamala Harris Urges The Military To Defy Trump


Senator Kamala Harris urged military officials to defy Trump when he orders unconstitutional actions against the American people.

Sen. Harris (D-CA) told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow:

I believe there is chaos within and outside the government that has been caused by Donald Trump. The hope that I have, the sense of confidence I have in any ability to maintain stability is placed on the government and career military who are fighting against whims and fancy of the president to do what they know is in the best interests of the American people and on national the idea that the President Of The United States would turn the United States military against the people of the United States is outrageous. And I applaud general Mattis for his words. Rachel, remember, we send the men and women in the armed services, we sends them to fight, to uphold America’s values. One of which is the value we place on having a democracy, founded and grounded in the constitution of the United States, where in its First Amendment is the right for free expression. Where we have the right for free association.

So the irony, and just the internal conflict around purpose and ideals and prescribes is obvious to all of us. And I’m counting on and all of us are counting on the career professionals, our career
military professionals to do the right thing and to say no to this president when he engages in this kind of conduct that is immoral and frankly goes against the very principles and spirit of the constitution of the United States that he swore to uphold.



Sen. Harris was correct. The United States military has a duty to protect the freedoms of Americans. They are not Trump’s personal security or ego booster. The Pentagon was going to send the troops in DC home until Trump reversed their order.

Anyone in the military can disobey an illegal order. Sen. Harris is a former state attorney general, so she knows the law better than Trump ever would in a thousand years. She is correct. It will take career military officials to protect our democracy by saying no to Donald Trump.

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