Terrified Trump Expands The Fence Around The White House

Trump is so afraid of the protesters that he has expanded the fence around the White House to keep the protests away from him.

Betsy Klein tweeted:

NBC News confirmed that Trump expanded the fence:

Trump is trying to play the stong man, but his actions tell a much different story. The only reason to fence protesters in is that the President is afraid of them. He fears what they have to say and their calls for action.

The protests in Washington have been peaceful for days. There was no reason for Trump to attack them with the military, just as there is no basis for the fence to be expanded.

Donald Trump is weak and scared. His tough talk has backfired on him, so he is building a security perimeter around himself because he doesn’t want to hear what the American people are saying to him. Every move that Trump has made during the crisis has been the wrong choice.

Trump is fencing himself right out of the Oval Office in November.

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