Adam Schiff: John Bolton’s Testimony Could Have Caused “An Unraveling of the Trump Defense” on Impeachment

John Bolton’s testimony could have fundamentally altered the outcome of President Donald Trump’s impeachment, according to Adam Schiff. Bolton did not testify at the time.

Congressman Schiff is Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and he spoke to MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell on Monday. The Democrat claimed Bolton’s testimony could have been crucial.

The former National Security Advisor to Trump said at the time he would sue if the House subpoena’d him.

“John Bolton’s testimony may have led to other witnesses and an unraveling of the Trump defense,” Schiff said.

Bolton claims in his new book, The Room Where It Happened, that Trump should have been impeached for a number of other offenses. He accused the President of seeking election help from China.

Schiff, who led the Democratic impeachment efforts, has been on something of a media blitz criticizing Bolton for the past few days. This may be part of a push to interview him in the House.

However, Schiff defended the choice not to issue a subpoena during the impeachment hearings.

“Our decision has been vindicated by the fact that we are still in court now over a year later trying to get [Don] McGahn to testify,” he told Meet the Press on Sunday.

“Bolton said he would sue us if we subpoenaed him. We would still be trying to get John Bolton’s testimony today,” Schiff said.

“And given that the president was trying to cheat in the upcoming election, we couldn’t afford to wait another year to get John Bolton to testify.”

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