Trump To Cancel Jacksonville Convention To Avoid Being Humiliated

Trump is expected to cancel his relocated Republican convention in Jacksonville, FL because the Trump campaign is trying to avoid another humiliation.

Gabriel Sherman of Vanity Fair reported:

To console himself, Trump still has moments of magical thinking. “He says the polls are all fake,” a Republican in touch with Trump told me. But the bad news keeps coming. This week, Jacksonville, Florida—where Trump moved the Republican National Convention so he could hold a 15,000-person rally next month—mandated that people wear masks indoors to slow the explosion of COVID-19 cases.

According to a Republican working on the convention, the campaign is now preparing to cancel the event so that Trump doesn’t suffer another Tulsa–like humiliation. “They probably won’t have it,” the source said. “It’s not going to be the soft landing Trump wanted.”

With the coronavirus raging through Florida, a one-third capacity turnout would have been a big number for Trump’s acceptance speech. Trump’s rallies have long been used as an ego-boosting tool, and now that his own incompetence has taken them away, Donald Trump has nowhere to get his cult leader fix.

Jacksonville didn’t want Trump’s convention, and it looks like holding any sort of convention with people attending will backfire on him as the US is setting daily coronavirus case records.

The man who relies on rallies to measure his success had to cancel his acceptance speech because it would have resulted in a fresh round of humiliation.

The script is being written for a perfect ending to the presidential days of Donald Trump.

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