Democratic Tsunami Projected To Sweep Trump Out Of The White House

The 2020 election could so a landslide victory for the Democrats, according to analyst the Cook Political Report. In a new article published on Wednesday, the organization’s editor offered good news for Joe Biden.

Political analyst Amy Walter pointed to the trend in key battleground states where President Donald Trump is well behind the former Vice President in poll after poll.

“This election is looking more like a Democratic tsunami than simply a Blue wave,” Walter wrote.

The former ABC News political director explained that polling in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin was negative for Trump. These three states were essential to his victory in 2016.

“He’s even running behind Biden in his firewall states of Florida and North Carolina,” Walter writes.

Cook Political Report now believes Biden is on track for 279 electoral college votes – nine more than he needs to secure election and end Trump’s tenure in the White House.

Walter even claimed that some GOP strategists are wondering “if Trump had reached his ‘Katrina’ moment: a permanent loss of trust and faith of the majority of voters.”

However, Walter warned that things could change between now and November, despite polls currently trending in Biden’s favor.

“Moreover, if voters start to sense that the race for president is a blow-out, will they be more willing to split their tickets to ensure a ‘check and balance’ in Washington next fall?” she asked.

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