Nancy Pelosi Confidently Tells Trump That He’s Leaving Office


Speaker Pelosi called Trump’s threat not to leave office a scare tactic that he is using to discourage people from voting in November.

Speaker Pelosi said on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House, “And that’s what we hope to hear from him is, how this president is undermining the constitution of the United States, even suggesting that he might not leave if he doesn’t get elected. Well, don’t worry about that. It’s a tactic. You know why they do that? They do that to discourage the vote, so people say, why should I vote, he ain’t leaving anyway. He’s leaving, he’s leaving. It’s a scare tactic.”



The Speaker was absolutely right. Trump is trying to pull some 1980s style Art Of The Deal, which he didn’t write, con. Trump is trying to change his reelection chances by making himself look inevitable. The problem is that Trump loses all of his presidential power at noon on Inauguration Day.

Trump is trying to depress the vote. He wants Americans to become discouraged and not show up at the polls or send in their mail-in ballots. Trump is on pace for what could be record-setting rejection, and if he loses, he is leaving either by choice or by force.

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