RNC Chair Suggests Polls Are Inaccurate Because Republicans Don’t Answer Them

The Chair of the Republican National Committee has dismissed polls showing Donald Trump losing by claiming that Republican voters don’t answer them anyway.

Ronna McDaniel told Fox News on Monday that members of her party don’t respond to polls any more, implying that no polls can be trusted because of the lack of Trump supporters answering them.

“And the other thing that I think is critical to point out about these polls is that Republicans are no longer responding to these polls,” McDaniel said.

Her decision to make this claim is odd. A moment before undermining polls, she accepted poll findings showing former Vice President Joe Biden has an enthusiasm gap.

Watch the video:

McDaniel justified her claim by pointing to a survey by the conservative Cato Institute – apparently using a poll to explain why polls are inaccurate.

“There was was a Cato Institute survey showing 62% of Americans are not going to share their political beliefs anymore because of the situation we have in this country,” she said.

Supporters of President Trump have repeatedly pointed to this survey as evidence of a shy Republican vote. However, Cato is a conservative organization and their findings don’t appear to support that conclusion.

McDaniel is echoing the President’s own claims that polls are fake – something which could become a larger issue in a close race this November.

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