Trump Refuses To Pay His Respects To John Lewis

When asked by reporters if he was going to go today or tomorrow to pay his respects to Rep. John Lewis, Trump said that he would not be going on either day.

The President was asked before he left for North Carolina if he was going to pay his respects to Rep. Lewis. Trump answered, “No, I won’t be going. No.”


Trump didn’t say a word about paying his respects to the civil rights icon and American hero who was the embodiment of the fight for civil rights and social justice.

Before Trump, a president not showing up to pay his respects to a sitting member of Congress whose body is at the Capitol Rotunda would have been unfathomable, but this behavior is typical for Trump, who didn’t want to order flags lowered to half-staff after John McCain passed away.

Donald Trump continues to lower the presidency through his inability to act like a human being. Trump’s job is to lead the nation, and that involves showing respect to fallen heroes like John Lewis. Trump is reshaping the presidency to fit his small image.

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