Trump Melts Down And Claims He Can Stop All Evictions With An Executive Order (He Can’t)

Trump lied to the American people and told them that he could stop all evictions with an executive order, which he does not have the power to do.

Trump said at the White House:

They want bailout money. A trillion dollars in bailout money and people don’t want to do that. Because we don’t think it’s right. The Democrats have run some very bad states and some very, very bad cities and a lot of people don’t want to give them a trillion dollars to reward them for doing a bad job. If you look at some of the states, I won’t insult anybody but you know who they are.

They’re not interested in the people or unemployment. Not interested in evictions which is a big deal. They want to evict a lot of people but I will stop it because I’ll do it myself if I have to. I have a lot of powers with respect to executive orders and we are looking at that very seriously right now but what the Democrats want, slow rolling it.


Trump still doesn’t understand that executive orders aren’t laws. Trump can’t sign an executive order and prohibit landlords from evicting tenants. Executive orders only apply to the Executive Branch, and the implementation of laws passed by Congress.

The nation is witnessing a president who is in way over his head on the pandemic and has no clue how to get out of the disaster that he caused. Donald Trump is using two of his standard tactics. He is promising things he can’t deliver while trying to divide the country, as he tries to blame Democrats for the expiration of extended unemployment benefits that he caused.
Trump is drowning, and he hopes that he can fool enough Americans with promises of magical executive orders to win a second term.

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