Trump Campaign’s Bonkers List of Potential Debate Moderators is Heavy on Fox News Personalities

With both his poll numbers and his approval rating dwindling, Donald Trump is counting on his debates with Joe Biden to reenergize his campaign. Some Fox News’ anchors are pushing the idea that the former VP is scared to debate Trump. The Biden camapign says nothing can be further from th truth.

The President’s team is also asking for an additional debate between the two men and one that would start earlier than the 3 that are scheduled. Today, the GOP campaign released a list of proposed moderators for this extra debate and some of the names are curious to say the least.

Not surprisingly, the list is heavy on Fox News personalities. While there are no Tucker Carlsons, Jeanine Pirros or Sean Hannitys, names like Bret Baier, Maria Bartiromo and Harris Faulkner appear on the list.

In a bit of a twist, down the middle journalists like Norah O’Donnell, Tom Llamas and David Muir are on there. Hoda Kotb, who hosts a popular morning show was another curious choice.

Of course, there are also some heavily right-wing names. Radio host Hugh Hewitt was one of those names.

In 2015, Hewitt moderated a CNN debate of the Republican hopefuls and was booed by the crowd due to his aggressive questioning of Dr. Ben Carson.

Also on the list is CNBC’s Joe Kernen. Kernan has face controversies for stereotyping Indian Americans and for his climate change denial.

Rick Santelli, who was also requested, recently made the news for all the wrong reasons. During an early March appearance on CNBC, Santelli suggested giving everyone the Coronavirus to spare the economy.