Things Get Worse For Trump As Jerry Falwell Jr. Takes Indefinite Leave From Liberty University

One of Trump’s top evangelical supporters, Jerry Falwell Jr., is taking an indefinite leave from Liberty University after posting pics with his pants unzipped.

Here is the statement from Liberty University:

Falwell Jr. has been chased by reports of graft, scandal, and corruption for years, which made him the perfect “evangelical” to give Donald Trump his seal of approval during the 2016 campaign.

It has not been a good week for corrupt Trump supporters.

The Attorney General in New York filed a lawsuit to dissolve the NRA after an 18-month investigation revealed that Wayne LaPierre has been engaged in a multimillion-dollar fraud and corruption scheme as the non-profit’s head.

In the case of Jerry Falwell Jr., it appears that he was finally pushed out the door of the university that his father founded after posting pictures of himself with his pants unzipped. Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen said that he covered up racy pics of Falwell before he endorsed Trump in 2016.

The tide appears to be turning in America as Trump and his axis of evil are finally paying the piper for their corruption.

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