Larry Kudlow Wants You To Praise Trump For Doubling Unemployment

Larry Kudlow tried to paint a sunny picture even though Trump has more than doubled the unemployment rate since taking office.

Kudlow said on CNN:

You know, I think the big story here is this survey was taken in the middle of July, July 12th to July 18th. That was the heart — that was the heart of the hot spot problem where some states had to pull back in the southwest and so forth. Therefore, we didn’t get hurt another as much as many people feared. To go through the hot spots, and I might add that they are now leveling off and starting to hook down which is great news, but to go through a tough month like that and still get 1.8 million new jobs and most importantly the unemployment rate back down to 10.2%,

I would just say to you, Poppy, that the idea that we won’t get a single-digit unemployment rate is off the boards now. We’re going to see this well into single digits as we move through the summer and fall.

Video of Kudlow:

The rate of recovery has slowed. When Donald Trump took office, unemployment was at 4.8%. The current unemployment rate is more than double what Trump came into office with. The economy hasn’t taken off like a rocket when the nation reopened, as Trump promised.

The economic recovery has been propped up by trillions of dollars in government spending. If that spending does not continue, the best-case scenario is that the economy continues to limp along through election day. The worst outcome is that the economic crisis and suffering deepen in the nation.

There is nothing in the new jobs report that should inspire confidence in or praise for Donald Trump.

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