Trump Admits He’s Trying To Stop Mail-In Voting With USPS Sabotage

Trump admitted that he is trying to stop mail-in votes from being counted with USPS sabotage during a Thursday Fox Business interview.

Trump said:

The president of the Postal Workers Union confirmed that the USPS is being sabotaged, and Trump openly proclaimed that he is attacking the mail to rig an election.

The only way for Congress to stop Trump would be for Senate Republicans to pass aid to the Postal Service with a veto-proof majority. Since Mitch McConnell will benefit from Trump’s actions, the odds of the Republican majority in the Senate doing anything are zero.

Trump is just trying to slow down the mail, not stop it, so it is safe to vote by mail, the American people will have to thwart Trump’s sabotage by getting their ballots in early. Trump’s scheme is based on invalidating a wave of last-minute ballots in swing states, but if people get their ballots in and give them time to be delivered, or if states change their rules about when ballots need to be received instead of postmarked, Trump will fail.

Donald Trump is trying to steal the election by tampering with the mail, and it is up to the American people to stop him.

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