Trump Has Been Secretly Meeting With Postmaster General To Slow Down Mail


Trump denied it, but his own White House confirmed that he has met with the Postmaster General, and by Trump’s own admission he’s slowing down the mail.

Jim Acosta of CNN tweeted:


Trump is pulling his usual stunt of trying to keep his hands clean while having others do his dirty work. DeJoy is an unqualified Trump donor who was only named Postmaster General to do Trump’s bidding. Trump wants mail-in voting stopped, so he is having his Postmaster General sabotage the United States Postal Service.

The American people are so outraged by Trump’s actions that calls are growing for a march on Washington to save the Postal Service.

There are other ways to stop Trump. Private shipping companies like UPS and FedEx could step up and offer to deliver any ballot for free that is dropped off at one of their drop boxes or store locations. Democrats have been preparing for Trump to try a stunt like this, and they are working on ways to make sure that ballots are delivered to local election officials.

Trump was caught cheating. It isn’t 2016. Americans are on to Trump, and this time the majority of the nation is ready to stop him.

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