Trump Crumbles At Press Conference When Asked About QAnon

Trump cut off a reporter and refused to answer when he was asked at the White House Press Briefing if he supports the QAnon conspiracy theory.


Trump was asked if he also, like Marjorie Taylor Greene, supports the QAnon conspiracy theory, and he answered, “She did very well in the election. She won by a lot. She was very popular. She comes from a great state, and she had a tremendous victory, so absolutely I did congratulate her.”

The reporter tried again, “Qanon, embrace that theory, do you agree with her on that? That was the question.”

Trump never answered her and moved on.

One of the reasons why the questions at these briefings have taken such a drop in quality is that Trump is now mostly calling on Fox News, right-wing fake news websites, and OANN. Occasionally, a real question like Trump and QAnon gets in, but Trump gets to choose who asks him a question, and he is refusing mostly to take questions from credible news organizations.

Trump’s non-answer on the QAnon question said it all. Donald Trump is the tin foil hat wearing Commander In Chief.

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