Democratic Convention Leaves Trump With Little Hope Of Victory

Former Vice President Joe Biden closed the Democratic Convention looking like a future president and leaving Trump with little hope for victory.

Trump plan for victory in 2020 has been centered on running a replica of the 2016 election. Trump needs Biden to make high profile gaffes that he can seize on. He also needs the media to jump on any unforced Biden errors so that he can turn attention away from his own failures and toward his opponent.

The meticulously planned Democratic convention did not provide Trump with any of the openings that he needed. Each night, Democrats addressed America with simple messages designed to preemptively defuse Trump’s attacks. Lines like you know Joe, and you deserve better were well targeted personal emotional appeals that spoke to both the heads and hearts of voters.

Joe Biden has excelled at not playing Trump’s game. The Trump campaign has been frustrated by their inability to define Biden and his running mate Sen. Kamala Harris. Trump’s only path to victory is a negative campaign that drags his opponent into the mud with him, but Joe Biden is expertly sidestepping the mud wrestling and giving Trump nothing.

Trump needed something to go his way at the Democratic convention. He needed a mistake or sign of disunity in his opponents, but what he was confronted with over four nights was a united Democratic Party with a steel resolve that is laser-focused on his defeat in November.

Biden and Harris are riding high, while Trump has little hope of victory in November.

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