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GOP Chair McDaniel on DNC: They Got Hollywood Screenwriters to Paint a Picture of America That Wasn’t Real

Democrats finished their National Convention Thursday night. The event received praise from all corners of the media, both Liberal and Conservative. Even Fox anchors like Laura Ingraham had to admit that Joe Biden gave an excellent closing speech. That does not mean, however, that Republicans weren’t going to attack the event. GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel…


Tammy Duckworth: Trump Listens to Vladimir Putin But Not Our Gold Star Families

Tammy Duckworth continued her assault on Donald Trump on Friday following her speech at the virtual Democratic National Convention where she branded the President “coward-in-chief.” The Democratic Senator made media appearances on CNN and MSNBC on Friday morning. She excoriated President Trump yet again and rebuked his attack on mail-in ballots. “I know that Joe…


Hillary Clinton Wonders Why “Complicit” Republicans Don’t Stand Up to Trump

Hillary Clinton doesn’t understand why some of her former Republican colleagues don’t stand up to Donald Trump. The former senator accused them of being “complicit”. The 2016 Democratic presidential candidate spoke to MSNBC on Friday following Joe Biden’s acceptance speech at their party’s convention. In a wide ranging conversation, she brought up GOP senators she…

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