New York Governor Andrew Cuomo: Trump Is “Anticipating Losing on Election Day”

Andrew Cuomo thinks Donald Trump’s attacks on vote-by-mail are a “set up” because he knows he’s going to lose the election. The New York governor believes the President will allege fraud.

Cuomo, a Democrat, told the Today show that the President’s continued criticism of mail-in ballots is an attempt to find an excuse when he loses in November.

I think this is a set up,” Cuomo said.

I think the President is frankly anticipating losing on election day. and then we’re going to hear him say, ‘oh, there was fraud in the election,'” he said.

“The President is very good at always establishing a conspiracy. I think that’s the conspiracy he’s setting.”

Cuomo went on to defend the U.S. Postal Service, which the Trump administration has recently undermined.

We do things through the mail in this country,” Cuomo said.

We pay bills through the mail. We operate through the mail. I think mail-in voting makes tremendous sense, especially now.”

“I don’t want people on lines on election day when we’ve fought so hard to get this virus under control,” he said.

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