Trump Says America Should Trust Him On The Vaccine Because He’s Done A “Great Job”

Trump cited the “great job” that he has done in the rest of the presidency as the reason why America should trust him on the coronavirus vaccine.

Trump attacked his own CDC Director and explained why he thinks that he should be trusted on the vaccine, “Because of the great job we’ve done. Because of the great things we’ve done in other fields also. We created ventilators. We built ventilators by the thousands, and now we’re supplying to the world. Because of all of the incredible work we’ve done for governors who are on every call saying, this is incredible. This is great. This is great. Sometimes they’re not quite as friendly at a news conference when you have people covering it. But we have done a phenomenal job on COVID-19 as they like to call it. I call it other things. But we have done a phenomenal job.”


Self-proclaiming that one did a great job is not the same thing as actually doing a great job.

Trump has done the opposite of doing a great job as president.

He crashed the economy and killed nearly 200,000 Americans with his handling of the pandemic. If his idea of winning a presidential debate against Joe Biden involves him proclaiming that he has done a great job on the pandemic, Republicans are doomed on Election Day.

Trump has lied endlessly to the American people, and a man who once told Americans to inject bleach, this he deserves your trust on a coronavirus vaccine.

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