White House Confirms The Senate Doesn’t Have Enough Time To Confirm Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee Before Election

The White House has confirmed that there is not enough time on the Senate calendar to confirm Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.

Eric Boehlert noted what the White House told The New York Times:

Majority Leader McConnell could decide to keep his endangered Republican Senate incumbents off of the campaign trail in October so that they can confirm Trump’s nominee, but there is little political benefit in that strategy for Republicans.

As noted above, it is looking like McConnell is going to try to shove Trump’s nominee through the Senate in the lame-duck session after the election.

McConnell doesn’t care about laws, rules, or norms, so it is more than possible that he keeps the Senate in session and tries to get the seat filled before election day, but Senate Democrats have enough delay tactics available at their disposal that it is possible that they could keep the fight going through November 3.

Right now, the Senate doesn’t have the time to get Trump‘s nominee confirmed, but Democrats need to ready for anything and everything, and that includes grinding the Senate to a halt to keep this vote from happening before there is a new president.

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