Biden Ties Trump In Georgia As His Support Grows With White Voters

There is a too close to call presidential race in Georgia as Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump are tied 47%-47%.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Poll provided insight into the tie race:

In a sign of promise for Biden’s campaign, the poll shows roughly 30% of white voters support the Democrat, a marked improvement on Hillary Clinton’s performance in Georgia. Back then, exit polls showed she captured 21% of white voters, dooming her chances of flipping the state for the first time since her husband’s victory in 1992.

The poll also shows that 8% of Black voters, the most important constituency for Georgia Democrats, are undecided, while an additional 85% back the former vice president’s bid.


But the president continues to rally his core constituency. Some 96% of Republican voters back his re-election bid, along with more than 80% who define themselves as conservative. Biden dominates among Democrats and liberals, and he leads 43% to 30% among independents.

Donald Trump has self-created the mythology that his 2016 win was a blowout. The truth is that Trump barely squeaked into the White House on the back of Russian election interference.

If Biden maintains 30% support with white voters in Georgia, Democrats will have a chance of turning the state blue. The is one common factor across the recent batch of state polls. Joe Biden is outperforming Hillary Clinton’s numbers. Depending on the state, Biden is doing better with white voters, Independents, and women than Democrats did in 2016.

Democrats are putting Trump on the defensive, and 2020 could be the year that Georgia finally turns blue.

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