Trump’s Unsurprising Answer on Breonna Taylor: “Nobody’s Done More for the Black Community Than Me”

Tonight the eyes of the nation are turned toward Louisville, Kentucky. Today, the state’s Attorney General, Daniel Cameron, announced that none of the police officers involved in the Breonna Taylor killing will be charged with murder.

Tensions will be at a fever pitch down south. It is at this moment that Donald Trump could take a swing at being presidential and try to unite the country. Instead, he has tried to make the Breonna Taylor tensions about himself.

Trump was asked by a reporter, “Mr. President, do you believe that justice was served in the Breonna Taylor case in Kentucky? And what is your message to the Black community who believe that perhaps justice was not served by the decision that was rendered by the grand jury in Kentucky?”

He answered:

Well my message is that I love the Black community. And I’ve done more for the Black community than any other president. And I say, uh, with the possible exception of Abraham Lincoln, and I mean that, with opportunity zones and with criminal justice reform, with prison reform, with what we’ve done for historically Black universities, colleges, schools, what we’ve done.”

When pressed for a real answer about the important situation, Trump responded, “I don’t know enough about it. I heard a decision was just made. We’ve been together here, so we haven’t discussed it, but after I see what the decision is, I will have a comment on it, alright?”

Watch a clip of the comments below, beginning at the 22 minute mark: