Trump In Free Fall As Biden Takes The Lead In Iowa

A new poll of Iowa found former Vice President Joe Biden with a slim 48%-46% lead over President Donald Trump in the Hawkeye State.

WHO 13 in Des Moines reported:

Biden leads President Trump 48% to 46% in the poll. Two-percent chose ‘Other Candidate’ and four-percent remained ‘Not Sure’.

The poll found an age divide in Iowa. President Trump holds the advantage in voters under 50 by 8%. Biden holds an 11% lead among voters 50 and older in Iowa.

President Trump lead by 3% among men while Biden had a 7% lead with women.

It would be massive for Joe Biden to win Iowa because a win in a red state that Trump carried by 9.5% in the last election would make it nearly impossible for Trump to cry fraud and claim that the election was stolen from him.

Barack Obama won Iowa, so it wouldn’t be the biggest shock if Iowa slid back into the Democratic column in 2020.

The Iowa poll also highlights two of Trump’s larger problems. Biden has cut into Trump’s margin with men, and old voters favor the Democratic candidate.

Trump has boiled his base down to Republicans and conservatives, and even in an overwhelmingly white state like Iowa, that might not be enough to stop Joe Biden from winning.

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