WATCH: Multiple GOP Senators Rip Trump’s Debate Performance

There are a number of Republican senators up for reelection in 2020. For some of them, sharing the ballot with Donald Trump could be helpful. For many more, it might be the end of their political career.

So when Donald Trump took the debate stage on Tuesday night, he was fighting for other Republicans on the ticket as well as for himself. And considering that the event was a total disaster for Trump, he didn’t do any of those incumbents any favors.

Republicans working in the senate were willing to rip Trump more than usual when discussing his debate performance today.

Unsurprisingly, Mitt Romney of Utah was willing to go farther than most. “I thought it was an embarrassment,” he told one reporter. In another interview, Romney said, “I can say I watched the debate last night. It was not a Lincoln Douglas debate, that’s for sure.”

Senator Ben Sasse, a frequent critic of Donald Trump was more succinct in his response. He simply told reporters, “it was a sh*t show.”

And Alaskan senator Lisa Murkowski told reporters, “I think there was so much that was just awful and over-the-top, including both of these men speaking over one another for 90 minutes.”

As always, there were Republicans that were willing to give Trump the benefit of the doubt.

Ted Cruz told Hugh Hewitt, “I don’t think either side changed the fundamentals of the election. I think everyone who was with Trump at the beginning is still with him. I think everyone who was with Biden at the beginning is still with him.”