Trump Attacks The Senate Jurors In His Impeachment Trial

Trump's attack on Mitt Romney was an effort to intimidate Republican Senators who will be the jury at his impeachment trial.

Trump Is Radioactive So Many Republicans Want Nothing to Do With Him

Everybody knows that President Donald Trump has many enemies and detractors in the new Democratic-led House of Representatives.

But it’s now becoming apparent that many Republican members of Congress are also not fond of the president or his policies, and are looking for ways to distance themselves from him. The reason, they say, is to try to assure their own political survival in the future. read more

Romney Vows To Fight Against Trump If Elected As Senator

Former Republican presidential candidate and current U.S. Senate candidate from Utah Mitt Romney said that if he is elected to the Senate he will not hesitate to speak up against any policy of President Donald Trump’s that he does not agree with. read more

New Evidence Emerges That Russian Trolls Kept Romney From Secretary of State Job

According to the Wall Street Journal, Mitt Romney would be Secretary of State if it were not for Russian influence.  

In an article published Thursday morning the Journal reported:

“Weeks after Donald Trump was elected president, Russia-backed online “trolls” flooded social media to try to block Mitt Romney from securing a top job in the incoming administration, a Wall Street Journal analysis shows.” read more

Mitt Romney Pops Up In Virginia and Proves America Dodged a Crazy Bullet in 2012

Quoting a Psalm embraced by the extremely patriarchal Quiverfull movement this past weekend, Mitt Romney revealed the source of his beliefs about women.

Mark Sanford Sinks His Own House Campaign. Can Elizabeth Colbert-Busch Take Advantage?

More troubles for South Carolina's 1st Congressional District candidate, Mark Sanford. He'll face a judge after his special election. This presents an opportunity for Elizabeth Colbert-Busch

15 Republican Governors Would Rather Kill Their Own Citizens Than Expand Medicaid

15 states with Republican governors are refusing to expand Medicaid even though the first 3 years are free and never more than 10% in state costs.

On the Edge of a Breakdown? Mitt Romney Thinks He Is Running For President at CPAC

Even though, he lost the election a confused Mitt Romney delivered his stump speech to CPAC.

When One Receives a Political Email Full of Pure BS, You Know It Came From a Republican

There's a national email movement to demand the defunding of ACA. It's spearheaded by Heritage Action for America (HAA), an offshoot of the Heritage Foundation.

Ann Romney Moans About Being a Nobody After Mitt Lost in 2012

Ann Romney compared the end of the 2012 Presidential campaign to serving in their church, 'And now all of a sudden, you're released and you're nobody. And we're used to that.'

No Harm, No Foul as Rich Folks Have No Reason To Fear Sequestration

On March 1st a decision will be made that could impact millions for at least 9 years. Jobs will be lost and people will go hungry, but not the rich.

80 Republicans Sign Supreme Court Brief in Support of Marriage Equality

More than 80 Republicans have signed a brief which will be submitted to the Supreme Court in support of Marriage Equality

It’s Time to Start Treating Cuba as a Neighbor

The American government persists in shutting out communist Cuba while welcoming communist Vietnam and China. It's time to bring Cuba aboard.

Chris Christie Sells Himself as a Moderate, but That’s Not Even Close to True

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and presidential hopeful has been casting himself as a jolly moderate. I invite you to check the record.

A Sudden Bi-Partisan Senate Love Fest Over Immigration Reform? Are you Listening House?

While the Senate may indeed find a bi-partisan path to citizenship for undocumenteds, look for any positives to be scuttled by the House.

Our 44th President said just the right inaugural things

President Barack Obama and a number of other speakers and entertainers brightened up an inauguration that struck just the right tone.

The Top Ten Smartest Democratic Quotes of 2012

If the Republicans fell all over themselves in 2012 to sound stupid, the Democrats were happy to help them along, as this list demonstrates

Tea Party Fantasies of Sending Obama to Prison for Benghazi

Tea Partiers indulge in wild fantasies of sending President Obama to prison since they haven't managed to impeach him for Benghazi

The Romneys Take Their Ball and Go Home, Claiming Mitt Never Wanted to be President

The new meme to come out of the Romney family is that Mitt never wanted to be President anyway, so fug you America!

Mitt Romney Finally Wins Something! His Jeep Lie Is the Lie of the Year

The Romney lie that Jeep was moving its U.S. production to China is the super special something that finally got over 47% of the vote for Romney.