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Reality Kicks Republicans in the Groin as Romney Concedes

Mitt Romney finally took the stage in Boston to let Republicans know that the delusion is dead. The anger got them nothing, and it was time for the nation to move on.

Watch here:

Romney wished the best for Obama and his family. He called Paul Ryan a great choice, and said Ann would have made a great first lady. Romney also called for Republicans to reach across the aisle and work with President Obama. Romney said he still believes in his principles, but the nation chose another leader, and he and Ann prayed for nation and Obama’s success.

This was a big, generous speech. If Romney would have sounded more like this speech, he might have had a chance to win. Romney gave the perfect concession speech. He came out and told Republicans that it was all over. These remarks were short, and they were decent. The pressure was finally off Romney, and if he could have spoken with this sort of authenticity, he might have made a better race out of this election.

What Romney also did was kick the Republicans straight in the groin. He avoided much of the right’s delusion, and told his party to wake up. Republicans now will promptly throw Mitt Romney under the bus and blame him for the loss.

The reality is that the Republican Party has to change. Mitt Romney was too weak as a candidate to lead a political party that has become a zoo, but he delivered the right message tonight.

My guess is that the Republican Party will ignore him, and it.

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